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About Me

Hello there. I’m Aslak Kvaale . I was born in Norway on a rainy day late,in may 1976. I startet my first job in 1994 as a weekend assistant on a farm.After that I attended a driving school to get my truck licence and after some time I became a truck driver. Now 20 years later I’m still drive while I also build me up an online income.   I have been doing internet marketing since 2016. When I started it was exciting but like many others I dumped straight into something I should not done. You see there is a lot of bad option to take in the online marketing world and I jumped head first straight into a company who suddenly shut down. At that point most people would have trowed in the towel and left the online dream. But I did not. The truth is that if you never do any mistakes,you’ll will never learn. The fact is that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have failed more than 15 times. But the art of failure is an devastating experience for the most people. Yes I failed. Yes I leaned from it, and my goal here is to guide you around the failure,so you can get a smooth start and get the best and right tools and training to finaly start your online journey and in the end break free and be your own boss,with full control over your life and time. 

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A key essence to an successful marketing is to have a system that allows you to build and show your own brand. With the marketing system I use you get access to the state of the art web-page templates and sales funnel templates that will help your marketing. And of course we have blog templates to. Get the 3 major WordPress builders  gathered in one place. You get access to Thrive Themes Beaver Builder and Elementor in one platform. And that will save you money,at the same time you speed up your marketing. When you join me in Royalty Funnels you dont only get the membership. You will also get training videos sendt from me to you in your email regularly. But wait! There is MORE. Once you join and make your account you also automatically  become an Royalty Funnels affiliate. You earn 60% commission pr sale. When you join me you also get my help with your own marketing funnel.  Click the button below for more info

Webinars And Training

Anik Singal Is an very successful online entrepreneur and author. His latest book "eSCAPE" sold over 20000 copies in only 5 weeks. This book is a good start point to learn the 5 stages you'll need to master to become an successful online and offline entrepreneur. Bonus: Access to over 25 free courses where you learn several business models and useful skills like copy writing and Advertising.
Get the new book "escape" by Anik Singal
The most importaint skill you need in an online business is to master Traffic. It do not matter what kind of business you do. You can do offline business or online business. If you have a web page you need human eyeballs to view your offer.In this workshop with vick strizheus you'll learn the 3 stages of online traffic mastery. ( This is content no guru will tell you about) You can register below
vick strizheus
Traffic mastery webinar
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