Copywriting – The no 1 skill that increase your sales

Copywriting Is The #1 Skill Any Entrepreneur Needs – Period.

Learn Copywriting. All big brands spend millions yearly on copywriting. It can be website copy, ad copy, email copy or video copy and more. What a website without words look like? Quite blank and boring probably.

Copywriting is not about throwing a “buy now” message into the website visitor’s faces. Copywriting is all about telling the visitor and future customer why this product is the right choice and how this product can resolve an issue or problem the visitor may have.

​Who needs copywriting


All companies and businesses need to learn to Copywrite. Without proper copywriting, they would not be able to present their products or services to their potential customers.

And the demand for copywriters is much higher than there are copywriters. Yes, some copywriters can earn over $100k just to write the ad copy for a campaign or a website for the right company. If we call the copywriter the seller then it is the seller’s market. Just google around and check out how the written word is implemented and used on pages like apple and any random car manufacturer. the winery, boat dealer, etc, Those who wrote that ad copy are not some random college student.

It is done by people who have taken copywriting classes where they have learned the skill of copywriting.


Start your own copywriting agency


When you have learned and tested out your copywriting skills, you can sell your services to others. You can start your own copywriting agency and YES there is a hungry market out there. Of course, the customers will not come at your door ( or email) by themselves, and you’ll need to build up a resume so you got something to show for when customers check out your web page or sales letter.

Now there are several ways to create this, and you can do it by Blogging Do affiliate marketing and create your own sales pages, funnels, and email swipes. Find start-up businesses and offer them your services for free and use their websites as an example of your work.

When you have this in place, you build your own copywriting brand and make your own website where you offer your services, by using the written word combined with videos. Start to use paid advertising ( Investment traffic) and target your ads to business owners and marketing companies. And you can implement copywriting for almost everything like:

copywriting for social media copywriting for website copywriting for advertising copywriting for Facebook ads copywriting for real estate copywriting for e-eCommerce copywriting for marketing copywriting for radio copywriting for travel companies

And that list can go on forever. Be creative.

Why companies outsource the copywriting

If you don’t know how to do proper copywriting, then your web page will suck… not necessarily but most business owners outsource or hire a copywriter because they know that it is a pain in the A#& to figure out what to write. And it’s understandable. It has a lot to do with the copywriting and content writing have a lot of physiological aspect to it.

The copywriting must engage and get the reader to want the product or service. It demands creativity but also structure and physiologic to the way you place the words. Business owners understand this and they know that paying for a copywriter will pay back many times in the back end.

Who can become a copywriter

Yes! You can become a copywriter. The fact is that a majority of copywriters are just ordinary people like you and me. People who have a background as taxi drivers and truck drivers, nurses, factory workers, woodworkers, and school dropouts and people without any work, are making it with copywriting.

English doesn’t need to be your first language. There are many people from Asia and South America who become great copywriters. Your background does not count and you absolutely don’t need a university degree to become a good copywriter. You have to believe in yourself and a hunger to achieve something in your life.

Don’t be afraid of doing failures on the way, because you will. It is a part of the process, but always use failure as a lesson. fail and learn from it.

Where do you find the right course?

There are plenty of cheap courses but they really don’t teach you all the juicy stuff, down to the smallest details. If you pick wrong you may find yourself in a situation where you learn a lot but still have more questions than you had before you started.


“Every successful businessperson must be able to sell through the art of the written word.” – 

Justin Ford


Free Workshop – Master Copywriting

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Length: 90+ Minutes

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