Is email marketing still relevant in 2019?

Is email marketing still relevant in 2019?

Yes, email marketing is still relevant in 2019.

If we go back some years, let’s say back to the mid-’90s when the internet still was quite new ( I’m 42 years old and remember this like it was last week lol)  We did not have Facebook groups and Facebook ads. We did not have Google and Social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

And we had still not seen Youtube.

The biggest search engine was AltaVista and the biggest social media was myspace.

Internet was a media filled with an aura of mystery and information.

I remember back in 1997 when I discovered a website called “Music Boulevard” where I could shop CDs with music that still wasn’t released in Norway. And if I was lucky it “only” took 3 weeks before the CDs arrived in an envelope in the mail. No streaming or digital downloads, like we have today.

We did not have cable with high-speed internet lines.  The internet connection was through an internet modem and it was slow.

We could literally paste in a website address and go out in the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee or a glass of water while the website still was loading.

But email was there from the beginning. And email has evolved and basically, everyone who is on the internet has an email address.

Email is the main tool for follow up and customer care.

Have you ever tried to buy something online without an email address?

It really doesn’t matter what or where you go online, email is the main source for customer contact whereas you shop or open a social media account. They will ask you to put in your email address to be able to continue the process.

So if you want to do a business of any kind online you will and must use email somewhere in the process. We use email basically to do anything and everything.

According to  there exist 5549 million email addresses today. And I don’t think that number will decrease but increase.

That’s why email is more relevant than ever. and if someone tells you that you don’t need to build an email list since you can do follow-ups with a private Facebook group, then you put your business on a tiny line. Why? Because you can be thrown out of Facebook anytime. If they change their algorithms (Heck they do that several times per year)  or they change a rule about content, your FB group can be closed down on the hour. Relying on an FB group is like being a fast speed driver with the police hunting behind.

But if you have an email list you own the list of emails until someones choose to unsubscribe from your email list.

How can you make money with email marketing?

First, you need a way to collect the email from the people who are interested in your content. offers or products.

To do that you need a webpage or sales funnel or simply a blog to present your content.

You have probably already seen a red signup form slide in from the right side of this page while you read this blog post. And that’s because I want to send you an email with updates when I post a new blog post here and to send you emails from time to time with content or offers that can be relevant to the content you read on this blog.

But how do you use email in your business? How do you make money with email?

<<IF YOU CLICK HERE>> you will be taken to a page where you can learn almost everything about ways to make money with email. How to implement email in your business, and how to build an email list where you can follow up with your customers.

How do you avoid the spam mail trap?

One huge problem businesses around the world face are the spam mail trap. Over the years email providers like Hotmail and Gmail and all other email providers too have built and implemented stronger and more powerful filters in their email platforms. This is a positive thing because there is millions of spam mail out there and even worse, scammers and phishing criminals with bad intentions also use email.  The spam filters main target are those unwanted emails.

If you do email marketing you may have links in your email who are affiliate links or short links. This links can be identified as suspicious by the filters. That’s why you should implement some habits when you write your emails.

First and foremost, never paste the affiliate link directly into the email.

It is much better to have a webpage where you can write about the product or even put in a video where you talk about the product and then add a button where you have the affiliate link or product link. Then you post the webpage into your email instead. Make sure to have an HTTPS address. If you use old fashion HTTP addresses you may be identified as suspicious too.

When you write the email, make sure to only use 5-7 words per line. Now you probably say. why? The answer is this: More and more people read their email through smartphones and if they have to scroll sideways to read an email they may skip it. But if you always think mobile when you write the email will be much easier to read on the tiny screens.

Another thing you should think about is how you design your email. Remember that graphics and photos easily can trigger the spam filters and send your email straight into the spam mail. And never fill your email with many links. every link you put in will trigger spam filters and you should only stick to 1 link per email. Also, avoid spammy words and symbols like Money $ earn make money etc.

This example is taken from an email I found in my own spam folder:

Subject line: RE: $15,000 Profit HANDS FREE [SECRET WEBINAR] Tonight******
Hey my friend!
Are you wanting to know the SECRET
to getting more conversions ($ales)
in your business?  If so…
Don’t miss this webinar tonight

To learn more about our EXCLUSIVE system that closes sales for you. Make sure to attend our webinar tonight.


When: Sunday February 10 (Today)
Time: 9pm Eastern

Link to access: http………….




PS: This will be a game changer trust me on that !

PPS. So far i’ve made over $15,000 Hands FREE


Okay, let’s analyze this email from my spam folder. First, the links are removed but they were full of numbers and really suspicious and probably one of the main reason that Gmail sends this email straight into the spam folder. But there is more.

He ( the sender)  have a subject line that literally begging Gmail to filter the email as spam.

Just read it: RE: $15,000 Profit HANDS FREE [SECRET WEBINAR] Tonight******  This is so spammy that it smells really bad.

to put in a $ symbol and a number like 15,000 in the subject line is a very bad idea. also, the ****** symbols in the ends are really bad.

And again he put a $ in the word sales. Under the signature ( I censored it out with some ….. to protect the privacy of the sender) he has written 3 lines:

PS: This will be a game changer trust me on that !
PPS. So far i’ve made over $15,000 Hands FREE
line 1 is ok, line 2 has the $15,000 who can trigger spam folders and line 3 had an embedded link who probably was the same as the link above in the email.
So how could this email be done in a proper way to avoid the spam filter? I rewrite the mail in a more proper way.
Subject:  The secret profit webinar is tonight.
Hey, my friend!
Do you want to know the SECRET
to get more conversions and better
results in your business?  If so…
attend  this webinar tonight
where you will learn more about
our EXCLUSIVE system that
closes the deals for you.
Make sure to attend our webinar tonight.
click here to access the webinar      << in this line should the link be embedded into the text >>
When: Sunday, February 10 (Today)
Time: 9 pm Eastern
PS: This can be a game changer and I have seen great results already.
Doing it this way it would probably not been filtered as spam. The embedded link is the only question mark. I would have masked the link in a pretty link instead. It would look better to the spam filters.
As you see from the original email he tries to make it look screamy and sensational.  But in fact, it’s more like a turn off to read emails where you feel the sender is like an annoying door seller who put his foot between the door so you can’t close it.
Understand me right, You do not need to be boring when you write an email, but don’t shout.
Don’t put your email address on a ban list
If the different email providers ( Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and many more) regularly see your email address sending an email that the filters classify as spam they may permanently mark your email address as a spam mailer. This will ruin your marketing since it destroys your delivery. Also, autoresponder services like MailChimp and Sendlane or Aweber will also register this an may put your email on another server to protect their main server and Ip,s reputation. If they have too many emails who send spammy content on their best servers it will trigger filters to mark ALL email from that server or IP. This will also affect all the other customers they have. If you continue sending out emails that trigger spam filters you can even put whole your account on risk. Make sure to download your email list regularly so you don’t lose your list. If for example Aweber close your account and you haven’t downloaded a copy of your list, your list will be gone and all the work you have done is gone too.
A piece of good advice to avoid spam folders is to make a separate Gmail account and subscribe to your own list. Never open any of the email’s you send from yourself to that email address.  just check what folder it goes into, that is it.
How often should you send out an email to your list?
Online marketers around the world debate this daily. I would say it like this: I depend on what kind of list you have.
If you have a newsletter you simply email every time you have a new blog post and about 1-2 times a week you can send out a promotional email where you write some words about a product related to the content of the list, or with other words a topic related product. If this is your own product or an affiliate offer do not matter, so long the subscriber sees something that is related to what they signed up for.
If you have a list with the more specific product you can email the 7 first day and then follow up every 3-4th day.
Always implement good list hygiene. 
Remember that you pay the auto-responder service for the number of email’s you have in your list.
Always track who the openers are and who the non-openers are.
If you have subscribers who not open any of your emails during the first 60 days, they literally cost you money.
You don’t want to pay extra for those inactive emails and you should sort them out and delete them.
A huge list does you no favor if 50% of the subscribed emails never open and read your content.
You can also go deeper and sort out the ones who click your links and they who don’t click.
Sort them into 2 different list’s and tail your messages different for openers and clickers.
Some people can actually read your content for months before they suddenly decide to push the buy button and transform from a subscriber to a customer.   Keep the openers and clickers and delete the non-openers.  always monetize your list and treat it like an asset.
Do you want to learn more about email marketing?  simply CLICK HERE.

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