If you plan to start a Online Business

If you plan to start a business Online

Then you should think about what you want to do and start processing on your mindset.


It is easy to say that you want to start a business, but it’s not many who actually are prepared for the fact that it takes a lot more work and effort than many believe.

First and foremost Will I advise you to be critical. Don’t jump on the first and best “shiny object” you might find if you search for opportunities on youtube or in facebook groups.

  • Don’t start with complicated things like MLM or high ticket opportunities.
  • Learn and accept that nothing comes easy.  (If someone tries to sell you a 100% automated business opportunity where you can start for free, then you probably looking at a shiny object) Steer away!
  • You have to invest some money to earn money.
  • Learn! Never start a business without gaining some knowledge first. 
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. (Your failures give you experience and “thicker skin”)

Don’t start with complicated things like MLM or high ticket opportunities.

The reason that I tell you this is simple. In MLM you get told to sponsor in new people to earn.

For most people, this is an Achilles heel it’s very hard to overcome. It requires lots of human eyeballs to find candidates who have the talent to sponsor people. And remember that it is a giant leap for anyone to put their hard earned money into a company they know little about. Then you have the second factor in the MLM model. The products. You will be required to put in a monthly product order to be able to earn from your downline ( if they getting active and put in a monthly order to) and the costs can be very high before you start to earn. The products you’ll have to order are way more than you are able to use by yourself, so you must be able to sell them to get rid of them. MLM companies actually in most cases make good quality products, but the price is often high and it’s not easy to convince people to buy your shampoo when they get 3 bottles for the same price in their local grocery store.

The failure rate in MLM is high because of this: It is hard to get people to stay active since the monthly cost of products and lack of customers eat their budget. Whit this said I will not say that MLM is a scam so long it is a serious company, but it is not a good model for beginners (or newbies if I can use that word). Gain experience from something easier and more achievable first. Then later down the road when you have more knowledge and insight into how things work, Then you can smell at the MLM model.

Learn and accept that nothing comes easy.

By some strange reason, people tend to believe that online business is easy and an easy way to an overflooded bank account.

Let me tell you right up front that it’s not true.  

Yes you can make much money online but you must have a working system to follow, you must have the knowledge to get there, and you must have some money to invest in yourself and in the business.

Most important is it to invest in yourself and whit that I talk about training. You can watch hundreds of youtube videos but You’ll seldom get the juicy stuff. Those elementary details which put all the pieces together.

And the Internet is literally speaking overloaded with all kinds of training programs to all kinds of pricing.

My advice is to find some mentors who have what you want, or who are where you want to be. But many of them do not teach you all the small details. Of course, if they have a loophole they follow, they don’t want to show those loopholes to the world, since it would kill their own business if everyone did the same. It makes sense from their point of a view.

I have been through some training and ended up with the same conclusion almost every time. Most of what they teach is the same as the last one taught. And if you continue to buy $150 – $2000 +++ training you’ll just throw your money out of the window.

But not all training is bad. Some very few do stand out and teach those tiny pieces you’ll need to get the puzzle together. And that brings us to the next point

You have to invest some money to earn money.

Yes, I know its sounds and feels like you get hammered into a wall when you read this, but a fact is a fact.

You will face potholes who require a small or high ticket to pay everywhere you go on your journey, but if you avoid some and use your money smart, then you will overcome it, so long you earn more than you spend. But remember that you’ll have to spend more than you earn in the beginning. Here is some of the expenses you will face:

  • Marketing System – You need to have some kind of website or funnel where you can collect emails.
  • Autoresponder- You need an autoresponder to manage the emails and be able to send out emails to your subscribers. I recommend MailChimp for starters since they let you collect up to 2000 emails for free before you have to pay for their services. MailChimp let you send up to 2000 emails per day but as a free member, it is limited to 12000 emails per month.
  • Traffic- With traffic I mean advertising. You can build the best funnel or business in the world,but without human eyeballs you never earn anything. I will cover this topic later.
  • Tools – You need tools to automate some of your business. the autoresponder is one of them but you also need a tool to make your advertising material and I will also recommend tools to use for free traffic ( social media traffic) again I cover this later.

It can be overwhelming to read and swallow all this information, but When you’ll get used to it is is quite easy to implement in your business, since you learn and experience the use you get from the different tools.

Don’t be afraid to fail

All successful marketers have failed one or more times. If you ask anyone who has achieved success online or offline, mostly all of them will say that they failed several times before they found a way to follow that did work for them.

As an Example back in the days there was a cola company startup that failed several times. one of the names was 3 up, (count on that and see what number you land on before the up. A Cola company)

Don’t jump into any random opportunity online

I recommend you to invest in good solid training. I recommend you to follow “The Success Challenge For Entrepreneurs 

This is an online training series where you will learn how to build your own affiliate business, starting on scratch. And this training goes very deep and cover every little detail you need to master for success.

Happy Training
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