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What I do

Here is some info about what I do

I Coach.

With the help of video and training pages I show you loads of “how to” content. I teach you how to build marketing and business oriented landing pages ,opt in pages and webpages. I will also show you how to build your very own blog.

Web traffic

No online or offline business will survive without traffic. And with traffic I mean web traffic. If you have any kind of business online you’ll need human eyeballs to see your site,and you need a lot of them. On this page you will get access to a lot of traffic training

I Write.

I write a blog. This blog will have a lot of content about marketing and online business. Affiliate marketing and many posts where I cover more of the “How to” stuff who will help you build your brand and get it out to the world.

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My story

Now you may wounder who I am? First and foremost: I am a ordinary man from a ordinary middle class home.

My name is Aslak Kvaale and I’m born in 1976. I live in Norway,a long small country up in the North west area of Europe. I started my first job back in 1993 when I worked in the weekends for a farmer who had a pig farm. Later when the school was Over I started a 6 month long course where I learned and got several certificates including driver license for big rig trucks and several related certificates) . Then I did my 14 months duty for the country. I was now ready to hit the road as a truck driver just like my grandfather and uncle had did before. I started with a smaller truck where I drove 9-11 hours days,delivering cargo to all kinds of places in Oslo. ( The capitol of Norway) and the areas around the city. Then in December 2000 I switched over to a truck company who was more local. ( I live 2 hours drive south of Oslo) This gave me shorter days ( 8 hours) and it was mostly distribution oriented deliveries. And I have been working at this company for 18 years now. It is much handling of heavy cargo and the clock are never on your side when you do this kind of work. And it takes on the body. That is why I started searching after what opportunities I could find online.  The first thing I understood was that there is a jungle of opportunity out there, but this is where I also must give a warning. You’ll see not everything online is a good deal. Actually I will dare to say that only 2 of 10 business opportunities out there is a good one. Internet is soaked with scams and  business opportunities who dance on the borderline between legal and illegal activities. That’s why I made this page. Follow my training and  I will try my best to guide you around the bad options and showcase the good and legal ones. It’s not always easy to spot the good ones in the jungle of bad ones,but when you know what to look for,then you will find them.

What you will find on this site is training and courses.

Most of them are affiliated links to training from people who have walked the line and found success online. My own training is free and contains of a 7 day email serie where you receive a daily video with step by step training on how you build a online affiliate business + social media training and marketing training. To be able to do what I show in the training you will have to buy the marketing system I use,but it contains the 3 major web builders for wordpress and the price is much lower than what you would have to pay for some of the big branded marketing system’s out there. ( And you get more options to with the system I use) The training is free. Just subscribe below and check your email.

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